About me

Allan Smith - Memento Images

I am Allan Smith (known as Al) of Memento Images. Our specialty is the art of ‘capturing a moment in someone’s life’, across style, fashion, digital, promotional and portrait photography. We see the person in front of the camera and distill their character into a single frame. We work together with the client, to make them feel at ease and create their highlights with a professional photoshoot.

We have produced many stunning Lookbooks and cutting edge editorial spreads. Coverage includes entertainment events, parties, and premieres. With over 10 years in the business, Memento-imagescaptures some of the best quality images in the industry.

What makes me unique?

Rather than us telling you, let me share what our clients have to say. Feel free to verify and look it up on Starnow.

Karl William Lund, singer

“One of the best photographers I have had the privilege to work with. Consummate professional and made me feel at ease in front of the camera. Delighted with the end result!”

Karl William Lund
Singer, Liverpool
Rachel E, Bikini Athlete

“I am blown away by the photo shoot pictures I did with Al Smith . His professionalism inspired me to push hard during the fitness model shoot. I’m a bikini athlete and experienced on stage & studio but I’ve learned a lot with Al. His patience behind the camera was awesome and his direction was a joy to work with. Thank you Al! Rachel Pics are on my Twitter @MakeOverEssex”

Rachel E
Health & Fitness Blogger, Bikini Athlete, Essex
Holly C, Singer/Rap Artist

“Beautiful pics, easy to work with, provided friendly atmosphere and a professional attitude ..would deffo recommend.”

Holly C
Singer/Rap Artist, London
Kacey I, Actor

“Incredible! Al helped me achieve the results I was looking for. Before the shoot, he had showed me examples of ‘acting head shots’ taken by other photographers that were out of this world, yet produced better photos than the examples he showed me! Absolutely loved the vibe on set – He was great at giving instructions and a pleasure to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!”

Kacey I
Actor, London
Stefano Matteucci, Musician/Actor

“Al is an incredibly professional and friendly person. It was a real pleasure to have the portfolio made by him at his studio. Very natural as I need it for acting, and quite stylish for fashion. I’d strongly recommend having a photo shoot at Al’s, you won’t be disappointed!”

Stefano Matteucci
Musician/Actor, London